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Illustrative view left shows a multi-layer AIROL® 320-1 FLOWMAX® mesh section. Each layer contains polypropylene, semi-vertically oriented filaments constructed as a mat of deep dimples. When nested together, extensive filament surface area is created for high removal efficiency. The near vertical orientation of most of the filaments enhances drainage for vertical flow applications. The result is essentially no liquid hold-up, high vapor capacity, and low pressure drop.
Unit of Measure


N/A Polypropylene 0.020


N/A 2.5 lb/ft³

Surface Area

N/A 86.4 ft²/ft³

% Voids

N/A 95.5

Capacity Factor
at low liquid rate


N/A .55


N/A Good Efficiency Anti-Fouling


N/A Standard: Metal grids fully banded. Standard: Fiberglass (FRP) grids un-banded. Standard: Polypropylene (PP) grids un-banded, service temperature 180°F; Optional: fully banded, and/or heat annealed for temperatures up to 200°F.


N/A Mesh pads containing two or more mesh styles can be customized for special design needs.

Profile Depth (draw): D

N/A 6" standard (9-ply) 4" alternate (6-ply)

Mesh Length

N/A 96 "

Width Limits

N/A 40 "

Mesh Material of Construction

N/A Polypropylene


N/A Heavy Duty Molded Polypropylene

Fouling Resistance

N/A Medium

Pressure Drop

N/A Low (see curve)


N/A 99.9% of all droplets > 10 microns; with added Co-Knit layers 99.9% > 4 microns